Plan your future,

partnered with a certified coach.

Growth comes from setting your goals high and reaching for the stars.

If you are looking for guidance,

This is for you.

Changes are happening around us, impacting everyone, in unique ways. Let's work together as you plan your future, explore who you are, what you value, and where you want to be in 5-10 years.

We understand that change is scary. We will work together to face that change, to develop new goals, and to create action plans to envision the paths you'll need to take in this new journey.

Are you ready to reach

your fullest potential?

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How Coaching Can Help You Grow

Lead you through a thoughtful, organized process to build on your strengths.

Assessing current & future needs to keep up with a changing world.

Eileen is a Board Certified Coach with several years of experience in transition, leadership and executive coaching. Her expertise includes training in 360-degree assessment, and leading with emotional intelligence. Her background includes significant experience as an HR manager, supervisor and management. 

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Ready to reach for the stars?

Here's the plan.

1. Meet


We start by learning more about each other. Not all coaches are the right match for you. You will want to learn more about me, my approach to coaching, and what you can
expect through the coaching experience.

2. Plan


You will be in charge as we develop a plan, establish goals, and work out the logistics of working together. We will meet every 2-3 weeks, or more frequently if needed, as we move
through the process. Typically you can plan to work with a coach for 3 months to a year, depending on the agreement we set.

3. Succeed


Coaching will challenge you to take risks, to step out of your comfort zone. You will find that the positive impact on your work and home lives will be exciting and energizing, worth all of your effort.


Are you ready to meet the challenge?

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Are you looking at a new opportunity at work? Need to jump-start efforts to achieve your goals? Have you been furloughed until work returns to normal? 


If you're ready to make changes for yourself, not for someone else, and are ready to make the commitment of time and money, you may be ready to start planning for your ideal future.


Working with Eileen will provide you with the tools you need to move beyond today, and face a future with confidence.


Can you afford to wait?


Contact our coach in the next 3 months, and your first meeting is free.


I love her energy and enthusiasm. She is a passionate advocate for coaching and she was a joy to work with. 

-Jane R

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[Eileen is] a great coach.  She is supportive, understanding and affirming while also breaking things down into concrete, actionable steps which help people see possibilities and potential ways forward. I’ve been enjoying and benefitting from coaching sessions. 

Thank you!

-Sarah H.

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Eileen is a wonderful coach. She has a very amicable personality, mature and safe to speak to. She has the capability to create and hold the safe space for clients to reflect and explore their inner thoughts. I am also impressed by the set of tools she has been applying. I recommend Eileen as a coach to anyone who would like to explore career and life transition. 

-Ju Y