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We provide  several options designed to meet our clients needs. You can meet with Eileen by video conference, or by phone, to enable you to make the most of your time with your coach. We also offer workshops and can provide a keynote speaker at your next leadership development event.

Transitional Coaching

Transition Coaching is a process designed to guide individuals through a period of change, ensuring successful achievement of desired goals.

Who can Transition Coaching benefit?




We will guide you and your organization to achieve goals and envision a future through coaching individuals, functions, levels or teams.


Some typical examples of Organizational Coaching are:


  • Provide executive coaching to senior leadership, especially those transitioning into new roles

  • Conduct multi-rater performance development assessments (360 degree)

  • Assist with the development and growth of young managers


Individual Coaching


We will guide and support individuals with challenging periods of change, both currently and in anticipation of major life changes.


Some typical examples of Individual Coaching are:


  • Support during periods of transition

  • Assess an individual's positioning in their current role and identify possible next steps

  • Assist individuals in looking at the big picture of their career and life, and ensure that they are honoring the values that define their true, authentic self.


Schedule a Conversation

The first meeting you have with our coach will be a complimentary planning session.  We’ll start by learning a bit about each other, what each of us brings to the coaching process. 

Coaching is more than a single meeting, though, so we’ll want to explore the process and your commitment.  

We will discuss aspects of the coaching process, and how we will measure success.  We’ll conclude this session with a discussion about a Coaching Agreement and fees.


Leadership Development Coaching

Leadership development coaching is designed to bring about more effective, healthier organizations. When leaders improve their performance, such benefits spread throughout the organization.

Exposing leaders to the coaching experience can help create a coaching culture within the organization itself.

You will meet regularly with your coach with opportunities to touch base in-between.   You and your coach will work together to gain an understanding of your long-term goals, where you are now, and how you can work to gain the skills and abilities to meet those goals.

Business Meeting

The only really successful outcome for you happens when you make a commitment to change. 

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