360-degree Feedback Assessment

360-degree feedback assessment is an important part of executive coaching. A 360-degree assessment (multi-source feedback) has been proven to be a strong, effective tool to use in gaining self-awareness, the first step in personal development.

There are many different tools available for use. For executive and leadership coaching, we recommend the tools developed by the Center for Creative Leadership. The assessment is administered by a facilitator skilled in using the tools to help you in your self-development goals.

The feedback assessment is done with a strong assurance of confidentiality.  Other than the supervisor, all responses are anonymous, grouped together by category.  You would identify people in your life, from colleagues and clients to parents and best friends.  The company that administers the survey will compile the results and produce a report, that is shared with and explained to you by the facilitator.

The goal of the assessment is to focus on areas for self-awareness and possible personal development.  This tool is only one of the tools or exercises used in the coaching process.


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