Achieving a more centered life

Are you feeling out of balance with your life?  Are you giving each area of your relationships the attention you feel is needed?  While we almost never actually are in perfect balance, it’s important to know where you are.

One exercise I use for coaching is the Wheel of Life. The wheel is divided into segments, representing areas of our lives: friends and family, love, health, money, career,  leisure and personal growth.

Looking at each area, think about what a satisfying life might look like for you. Imagine the center is 0 (dissatisfied), and the outer edge is a 10 (satisfied). Where would you draw a line in each segment? What number would you select? What is the total score?

What can you do to increase satisfaction, balance, in each area? Can you select one thing that you can do right now, that would improve your score? I encourage you to take that first step toward a centered life.

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