Action Plans

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Once your learning objectives are set, you will work with your coach to create action plans. We recommend SMART goals as a model, breaking your plans into manageable, attainable steps, while striving to move you out of a comfort zone and toward your ultimate learning objectives.  Originally coined by George T. Doran (1981), the advantage of using SMART goals is that you and your coach will know when they’ve been achieved.

SMART goals

  1. Specific / Strategic and Specific: goals should clearly identify what it is that you are trying to accomplish

  2. Measurable: quantify the steps you what to achieve

  3. Action-Oriented: what will you do to achieve the goal

  4. Realistic: the goal will ask you to stretch some, but allows for the likelihood that you can be successful

  5. Time-bound: the goal should include a time period (a week, 2 weeks, etc.) in which it will be accomplished.

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