Creating Space

During my talk yesterday with the Athens WIN group, I talked a bit about creating space. I was thinking about creating a brief pause between your emotional reactions (your amygdala) and your conscious, considered reaction (frontal lobe), by creating space.

The amygdala manages your survival response, and is super efficient. You can find yourself reacting before you are aware that danger exists. You catch a shadow out of the corner of your eye, and your heart starts pounding, your breathing changes, and you are in the middle of an emotional survival. The frontal lobe is where your executive functions reside. This where you store your memories, where you do problem-solving and where you regulate your actions.

By creating space, and delaying your responses to allow you time to think, you can take the time to regulate your emotions, Being self-aware is the first step to improved emotional intelligence. Self-management takes you further toward that goal.

You have a choice of how you react, and creating space can give you the time you need to make that choice.

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