Emotional Intelligence: Self-Awareness

We are usually our own worst critic, and see ourselves as less than others see us. Here is an easy exercise to help you gain some self-awareness, and to see your own strengths the way others in your life see them.

Arrange to meet with a close friend or family member.  This could be for coffee, lunch, maybe a walk in the park.  When you are comfortable, ask that person to tell you a story of a time they could remember of a project or occasion that excited and engaged you, and what they observed about you as the story unfolds.  As they tell you the story, make a mental note of those things you see as your own strengths.

Then ask that person to explain what they saw as your strengths throughout this story.  Compare the results – you will find that your friend or family member sees strengths in you that you may not have seen at all.

Look through this new lens and see yourself as others do!

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