How executive coaching works


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Executive coaching is a professional partnership between the executive and often high-potential employees, and a qualified coach. Working together in a series of confidential sessions, we will work to help you gain self-awareness, clarify your goals and that of the organization, achieve your development goals, and act as your sounding board. The relationship between an executive and a coach is a collaborative one.

We’ll start that first meeting by finding out more about each other. We’ll discuss confidentiality, goals, time commitments, etc. After that, we’ll set up a plan for meeting regularly. As the meetings will be done online and/or on the phone, it doesn’t matter where you live or work.

In each session we’ll focus on one or more area in your life where you want to unlock your potential. You will learn more about yourself, your strengths, your goals, and the gaps that need to be explored to help you achieve those goals. You will work with your coach to create developmental action plans, practice new behaviors, and assess the results.

Like anything new, working with a coach can be a bit scary, and challenging. The level of benefits you receive from using a coach is directly related to your willingness and ability to take an active role in every aspect of the coaching engagement.

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