Making a Commitment to Change

Intentional change theory. Reprinted from Boyatzis (2008, p. 304)…. | Download Scientific Diagram

The only really successful outcome for a coachee happens when they make a commitment to change.  Richard Boyatzis describes intentional change as a series of five discoveries, driven by the interchange of positive and negative emotions.  This theory is the foundation of our coaching practice.

Discovery 1 – who I want to be: the ideal me.

Discover 2 – who I am right now: the real me.  What are my strengths, to build upon?  What are the gaps between the real me and the person I want to be?

Discover 3 – what I need to do to become the ideal me: determining my learning agenda

Discover 4 – practicing and experimenting to create new habits and new behavior.

Discovery 5 –  developing resonant relationships, to build a strong support base as I move through each discovery.

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