Resonant Leadership and Coaching

The definition of resonant, according to Merriam-Webster, is a sound that is ‘deep, clear, and continuing to sound or ring’. Dissonant is a sound that is ‘disagreeing or harsh…; discordant… out of harmony; incongruous; at variance’ (

Boyatzi and McKee argue that leadership can be resonant or dissonant as well. They point to the power of emotional intelligence as the foundation of resonant leadership. Gaining an understanding of one’s own self, and striving to understand others can help us lead with compassion and strength.

Our coaching approach focuses on resonant leadership and emotional intelligence.  A first step in coaching is working together to gain an understanding of ourselves through a series of exercises and conversations.  As a starting point, we will talk about your experience with leadership, about someone who you admire who is a great leader. What makes that person a great leader in your experience and/or observation of their behaviors? What is your experience with not-so-great leadership?

By exploring our experiences and examining the values portrayed by those who lead us, we can think about our own approaches to leadership, what we value, and how it can provide us with the foundation needed to reach our goals.

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