STARS Coaching Circles

Coaching Circles are small groups of 5-6 professionals with similar interests, who meet monthly to discuss challenges faced, exchange ideas for ways to meet those challenges, and set goals. Facilitated by a professional coach, the participants in the circle develop coaching skills to help the others in the group, but also are able to use those skills as they interact with those people they work with.

A meeting will begin with each person having a few minutes to share important events with the others. Usually this will take about 30 minutes. Following this, we will provide each person 20 minutes to bring a specific challenge to the group. Members will listen and confirm that everyone understands the concern being shared, and works together to help develop goals and action steps for that person.

Each session will include time spent summarizing those things we discussed. Some sessions will also include time for learning new skills that incorporate mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and renewal practices.

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