What Can I Expect?

One-time Meeting

Some time ago I was contacted by a person who had heard me speak at an event, where I mentioned
coaching as a professional development option. She asked if we could meet to talk about coaching and discuss thoughts she had regarding possible new professional goals. We had an initial consultation, where she shared her current situation, possible future plans, and some of the challenges she faced, both professionally and personally. I shared with her my credentials and a brief overview of how I approach coaching, my efforts to maintain privacy and confidentiality, and my fee.


Based on this consultation, she decided to move forward with me as her coach, and we scheduled our coaching session for about a month out. In the meantime, she had some homework to do, beginning a process of self-reflection and goal-setting. The success of a coaching experience is really based on the work of the coachee, and that person’s dedication to the process. I was pleased at the thought and care that she gave this work.

She came to our coaching session prepared to share what she had learned since our initial conversation.We started the session by establishing the goals she had for our meeting – the coachee always sets the goal/theme for each meeting. We also talked briefly about the original consultation, and any objectives/action steps established then. We spent the remainder of our time going through the work she had completed. With a methodical review and discussion of the outcomes from that work, she successfully identified possible new directions for herself, professionally and personal. Her next step was to choose 2-3 of those options for closer consideration.

Our original agreement was to meet for a single one-time coaching session. We ended up meeting one more time, with that session ending with her sharing with me her decision as to her career path, and the actions/changes she had prioritized for achieving her goals.
An important component for a one-time coaching session is to begin by establishing clear goals. Those goals will direct the work of the coach and the coachee for a successful coaching conversation.